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How to share ringtones between iPhones?

- You may need: mediAvatar iPhone Software Suite Pro or mediAvatar iPhone Software Suite Pro Mac

To share your iPhone ringtones with friends or family who also own iPhone, this mediAvatar iPhone Software Suite Pro can assist you as a great iPhone ringtone transfer. Besides, you can also use it as iPhone ringtone maker to convert nearly all video and audio formats into iPhone ringtones, then transfer these ringtones to all connected iPhones.

Below we will show you how to share ringtones between iPhones, and how to make your own ringtones step by step.

After you download, install and start mediAvatar iPhone Software Suite Pro, then connect iPhones (as many iPhones as you want) to your computer, then this iPhone ringtone software will recognize all iPhones automatically and display their device information on the first interface.

How to transfer iPhone to computer

How to share rigntones between iPhones?

Step 1: Go to "Ringtones" list by clicking "Ringtones" in one of the iPhones from left tree list.

Step 2: Click to check all ringtones you want to share, then click "Copy to Other Device(s)" button. If you connected 3 or more iPhones to your computer, then this iPhone ringtone software will prompt you to choose the iPhones you want to copy ringtones to. If you want to transfer these ringtones to all the connected devices, just click to open "Copy to Other Device(s)" drop-download list and select "All Devices", then this iPhone ringtone software will transfer all checked iPhone ringtones to other iPhones.

How to make your own iPhone ringtones?

Making your own unique iPhone ringtones shows your unique style. And making iPhone ringtones is also a good choice to recognize who is calling you just by specifying different ringtones.

Step 1: Select "Make iPhone ringtone" node from the left tree to go to the "Make iPhone ringtone" module.

How to make iphone ringtones

Step 2: Click "Add File(s) to List" button to load the video or audio files ready to convert.

Step 3: Select the file to convert in the list, and if you like, set the start point and end point to extract the segment as iPhone ringtone, and enable the "Fade in" and "Fade out" effects then set the fading time.

Step 4: Click "Copy File(s) to Device" or "Copy File(s) to iTunes" button to start making iPhone ringtones and transferring ringtones to iPhone or iTunes directly. Or click "Copy File(s) to My Cache" button to make iPhone ringtones and save the ringtones in the cache for later transferring.

Can't wait to share ringtones between iPhones now? Go to mediAvatar iPhone Software Suite Pro to get a free trial, there're many more features in this iPhone software waiting for you to explore.